An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Farewell Nanning

This evening we are leaving Nanning for Guangzhou where we will be taking care of the immigration paperwork for An Lin at the American Consulate. We will be sorry to leave this beautiful green city. We have enjoyed our stay with our routine of a morning outing, then back to the hotel for some lunch and relaxed play time, then a walk in the beautiful park behind our hotel before dinner. Nanning is lovely and relatively relaxed by Chinese city standards. Our wonderful Holt escort Yolanda has been kind enough to take us on some great outings. We have visited the Zoo which is also a beautiful park, the Guangxi Provincial Museum where we saw some mountain minority girls singing, and visited a farming village about one and a half hours out in the spectacularly beautiful countryside. All the excursions were wonderful and the last was my favorite as we talked to many people, mostly mothers with their little children. I was yearning for my medium format camera, but even our little digitals ran out of juice, so I was forced to rely on Xing Xing's Fisher Price, which yielded some interesting results. Here's a photo montage of our stay.......

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Sharon said...

Christine, your photos take me right back to Nanning. We absolutely love it there. I think I could live in People's Park. Everyone was so friendly. The view from your hotel window looks VERY familiar! I think you must be in a room very close to the one we had.
Have a safe trip to Guangzhou. Your daughters are just beautiful!