An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Settling In

Our evolution as a family is progressing. An Lin is settling in. We are learning more about our new daughter. She goes to sleep more readily now, reaching for her mother to hold her. Wonderful!! She continues to delight us with her affectionate and fun loving nature and to amaze us with her cleverness. She observes everything! Yesterday An Lin brought me my glasses and pointed to my face that I should put them on. She gets out her new shoes each morning and brings her sister hers. She has figured out the DVD player, the lighting console at the hotel... She walks quickly with gusto for the next adventure, asking her mother for the Guilinese equivalent for "uppy" when it suits her. We have also seen the down side of her orphanage survival skills: last night she flew into a rage at dinner when she didn't get what she wanted immediately. It is clear that this worked well for her in her previous life where there was competition for food and attention. It's more than a little unsettling to witness as her new parents! Sleep deprivation has caught up with me and I'm not functioning so well today. Xing Xing is having fun, but sometimes struggling with sharing her mother. I want her to feel completely loved and secure, but it is sometimes hard to give her the type of attention she is looking for while carrying An Lin. The attachment books counsel fostering the connection with one parent at a time, so I'm it for now. An Lin is pretty much at ease with Chris, but I have to be in sight. I am happy with how the attachment is progressing except that I can't be "off" at any time. Small price to pay!!


Sharon said...

Christine, it looks like you were braver than I was! LOL I wouldn't take the cable car up on Yao Mtn. It just looked waaaaay to scarey for me!
I'm so glad that An Lin is settling in so well. We just can't wait to follow in your footsteps!


Daniel Jones said...

Hi Guys,

I just read all the blogs and viewed all of the wonderful images.
I am truly speechless.

An Lin is beautiful!! I know Xing Xing will be a terrific big sister. I'm glad to hear that things are going well with the two of them. They are very lucky to have such loving parents.

Seeing the photographs you have taken and reading the descriptions of China has me wanting to return.

Enjoy the last of your stay.
Wishing you a safe trip home, we will have to celebrate!

Lucille, Dan, Emma and Kate

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to viewing and reading your daily entries. You both look so full of joy with your two daughters.

lucille said...

Chris and Christine....we are absolutely thrilled for you and your BEAUTIFUL daughters! An Lin looks like she is SO full of life! How proud you must be of Xing Xing that she is being so generous.
Can't WAIT to read each entry.
big kisses to all!

Anonymous said...


Thank goodness you have two arms!! Everyone always says that going from one child to two is a big adjustment, but well worth it!! You look like you are doing great! I'm sure it may be a little overwhelming at times; hang in there, things will get easier. An Lin seems like she is very independent :o)

Janet,Nick,Christopher & Nikki