An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

An Lin (Xiao Xiao)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Li River Cruise and Guangxi Pearls

We had a wonderfully relaxing day today enjoying the fabled Li River cruise. It was especially precious as this will probably be our last opportunity for a very long while for much rest and relaxation. Tomorrow we take the five hour train ride to Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, for An Lin's adoption and the challenges of transition to follow. The Li River, which is said to be the home of Chinese watercolor, is as beautiful as it is reputed, even with limited visibility from the mist. We completed the day by buying some beautiful Guangxi pink pearls for An Lin for when she gets older, just as we had purchased some black pearls for her sister when we brought Xing Xing home. It was a lovely day; we are sad to be leaving Guilin, but are eager to meet our daughter and know we will be back for a visit when An Lin is old enough to enjoy it.

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asiangarden said...

It looks relaxing! I love the picture of your older daughter reading a book.